This is one of our favorite weddings everrrrr.

A little background info: Jason & Jenna are friends of friends. We sat down with them at this trendy coffee shop in the city to get to know each other and chat details. They are so sweet & so chill, plus they have the most amazing chemistry. Months later, we spent the day running around the city while I took their engagement pictures. It was epic and gave me even more of a glimpse into the incredible connection between these two.

Fast forward to wedding week: What should have been a beautiful, sunny summer day ended up in scattered thunderstorms...and I mean thunderstorms. With the help of their family & friends, Jason & Jenna scrapped ALL of their plans and threw together what ended up to be a truly beautiful wedding. We love this wedding so much because Jason & Jenna were so thrilled to even be getting married at all that they kept cool & maintained their sanity through having to overhaul everything. They rolled with the changes, accepted the day for what it was, & didn't let it stop them from having an incredible wedding day. 

The day started with Jenna's getting ready pictures. Can we talk about how beautiful she is!? Jenna's sisters helped her put on her wedding dress (also beautiful) and vintage-inspired jewelry. Then we raced over the Jason's house to meet up with the guys. It was pouring so badly that we had to pull the car over on the way to his house because we couldn't see! Jason was looking dapper as usual & was enjoying a quiet morning with his groomsmen.

Jason & Jenna were supposed to get married at an adorable outdoor venue in Kansas City. Instead, they were able to makeover an outdoor covered patio at a local church and created a beautiful space for their ceremony & reception. It seriously couldn't have worked out better. Both Jason & Jenna were in tears as she walked down the aisle. They laughed, worshipped, took communion, & promised their lives to each other in front of their family & friends.

Just in time for pictures of the two of them, we caught a break in the rain and were able to get some incredible shots outside! Holy chemistry, Batman. These two are so beautiful and when you put them together it's like fireworks.

It started pouring again immediately after we got back to the reception venue. Jason & Jenna gave a special shoutout to Jenna's grandfather for his birthday. They cut cake, shared a slow dance together, & then the real party got started. 

We're so glad to have shared this day with these two lovely souls. They are a true testament to great love.